Our Professional Services

Borghesi's style is logical and thorough, the ideas we present and render in physical materials are well-thought out. They are "Building Ideas that Work".

Borghesi provides excellent professional in-house engineering and design services. We apply these standards to every project, using a combination of framing styles and building sizes and materials to fit your building needs.

Borghesi designs each building to:

  • Look distinctive and different from other buildings
  • Accommodate the specific business needs of the client
  • Have a creative combination of wood, brick, stone and glass
  • Project a personalized, positive image of your company
  • Welcome business visitors, employees and the public
  • Stand the test of time with low maintenance

Borghesi will make presentations to:

  • Public hearings
  • Planning and zoning boards
  • Wetland commissions

Borghesi provides:

  • Preliminary cost estimates for planning
  • Final cost estimates for building construction
  • Butler pre-engineered structural, wall and roofing systems that can save you energy, time and money. This state-of-the art technology, along with our fast-track Design/Build construction expertise, is the best solution.